IBC Chapter Roster
Member From BCCA# Contact Collects
John Ferguson
Indianapolis, IN 28318 fergkate@comcast.net  
Greg Gerke
Vice President
Indianapolis, IN 28311 ggerke1966@gmail.com  
Todd Morton
Indianapolis, IN 32039 tmorton64@comcast.net  
Brad Ambruso Indianapolis, IN 32859 brad@budcanbrad.com Budweiser cans, aluminum bottles and breweriana
Ran Burge Brownstown, IN 26972    
John Coughanowr Brazil, IN 28936 johnc2@ticz.com Terre Haute Brewing Company
Phil Douglas Eau Claire, WI 28597    
Mike Draper Indianapolis, IN 16978    
Tom Goecker Seymour, IN 30033 tom@goecker.biz Cans from Indiana, Kentucky and Cincinnati
Scott Johanson Indianapolis, IN 29932    
Gene Judd Zionsville, IN 33562 gene.judd@bonedry.com All Beer, Soda, Coke, Pepsi cans and Breweriana
Larry LaFoe Greenwood, IN 15148 llafoe@msn.com  
Gary Lange Huntingburg, IN 32991    
Mike Livesay Indianapolis, IN 33279    
Michael Malchioni Evansville, IN 28048    
Jim Miller Greenfield, IN 30905    
Derrick Morris Indianapolis, IN 28003 knoindybeer@comcast.net  
Brad Mouser Fishers, IN 31332    
Steve Paddack Indianapolis, IN 31210 paintbox1@msn.com  
Thomas Petersen Evansville, IN 29088    
Mike Pope Nashville, IN 32543 huber1960@sbcglobal.net  
Mark Rigney Evansville, IN 20741  
Michael Rogan Richmond, IN 704    
Robert Synko Indianapolis, IN 33882    
Mark Underwood        
Chip Viering Carmel, IN 32203 rocknchip@aol.com Small Flats and Zips 11,10, 8, & 7oz
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